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Project: Puentes Clubhouse

Location: Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Size: 950 m2

Status: Project

Partners: Juan Ignacio Ramos & Ignacio Ramos

As part of Los Puentes development, the firm was commissioned to develop a series of interventions of various uses and scales that would contribute to the character and identity of the neighborhood, including the entrance bridge, the access building, the clubhouse, and the internal bridges. The neighborhood is mostly surrounded by water, offering excellent views of the main lake.


The challenge was to develop projects that would promote community life, while also addressing issues such as sustainability and the integration of the buildings with the landscape and surroundings.


The proposed architecture has an organic and simple language, with curves predominating and visual connections being reinforced. The intention was to present buildings that would not only offer the usual program, but would also generate unique usage experiences, promoting sustainability and low-impact architecture.


Driven by water as a characteristic element of the neighborhood, the clubhouse is conceived as a topographic play that merges with the surroundings.

A landscaped roof on a ramp emerges from the pedestrian entrance, acting as a transition between the ground level and the roof of the building, and culminates in a lookout with long and continuous views of the canal and lake. In this way, a fluid and playful route is proposed, reducing the environmental impact of construction.


With a surface area of 950m2, the building in the shape of a "U" is developed on two levels around a central courtyard that reveals the main entrance. On the upper level, with the best views, there is the gym and outdoor terraces; while the meeting and social spaces are located on the ground floor. Three volumes are distinguished according to their functions. A medium-sized volume with views of the canal, which contains the rest areas, bar/restaurant; another that houses the barbecue area with grills directly related to the soccer fields and playground area; and a third located under the ramp that hides the pool and changing area.


For the clubhouse to be successful in its use, it is located in the center of the site, serving as a link between the fields and functioning as a support for the active programs.


The firm's proposal was to ensure that the environment and nature take precedence over architecture and new construction.

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