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Project: Uruguay I

Location: San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Size: 5,430 m2

Status: Built

Partners: Juan Ignacio Ramos 

This office building is located in San Isidro, a suburb situated 15 miles (24 km) north of downtown Buenos Aires. Sitting on the limit between a residential and an industrial area, the project deals with the difficult transition between both. In that regard, special attention was given to the setbacks, the proportions and the scale. 


The L-shape construction was developed in four levels of office space and an underground parking garage. The fourth level is recessed to minimize the perception of the building’s height. An emphasis on horizontal lines was made to keep the structure more grounded. 


The use of exposed brick in residences has a long tradition in Argentina. We chose that material for the exterior to make the look of the building less high-tech and to soften the visual impact on the neighboring houses. 


The structure was developed with concrete columns and pre-tensioned slabs. Brick and exposed concrete were chosen as exterior finishes for their aesthetic ageing properties and low maintenance. On the inside, the open floor plans were prepared with technical floors and suspended ceilings. 


The entrance to the lobby is through the garden created by the intersection of the two volumes. Long uninterrupted windows protected by concrete overhangs provide light to the work space, reinforcing the horizontal proportions. 

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