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Project: Uruguay II

Location: San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Size: 4,700 m2

Status: Built

Partners: Juan Ignacio Ramos 

This is the second of three office buildings that we developed on “calle Uruguay”, the street that gives the name to these projects. They were built with the same purpose: the rent of large office spaces to companies and corporations. Different from Uruguay I, and despite their proximity, this particular location was surrounded only by industrial buildings. This fact, added to the intention of not repeating ourselves, inspired us to think of a more high-tech look. 


In contrast to our previous brick office buildings, this one was conceived exclusively in concrete and glass. Both materials create a dialogue and play an important aesthetic role in the composition. The concrete structure frames and protects the curtain wall. 


The program was developed in four levels and a basement. The three upper floors and half of the ground floor accommodate office space. The other half of the ground floor and the basement are covered parking lots. 


The structure consists of reinforced concrete columns and pre-tensioned slabs. The use of concrete allowed us to generate architectural gestures such as the leaning walls of the building’s shell and the design of the entrance canopy with a human scale. 

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