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Project: Uruguay III

Location: San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Size: 5,760 m2

Status: Built

Partners: Juan Ignacio Ramos

Situated between Uruguay I and Uruguay II and conceived with the same purpose, this was the third project built subsequently in a four-year period on this location.


The three buildings have a concrete structure. In the case of Uruguay I, the structure is not revealed and is covered by brick walls; in Uruguay II, the brick has disappeared and the concrete structure is shown. In this particular building, there is a more even relationship between both materials. There is a clear intention to expose the structure and to place brick walls with the appearance of panels. To accentuate this idea, the bricks are stacked vertically instead of interlocked. Aesthetically, walls and windows act as mere fillers, covering the spaces between columns and beams. 


The office space is organized in four levels and an underground parking garage, maintaining the scale of the previous two buildings.

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