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Project: Library Renovation, San Andres University 

Location: Victoria, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Size: 1200 m2

Status: Built

Partners: Juan Ignacio Ramos & Ignacio Ramos

The University of San Andres has commissioned Estudio Ramos to revitalize and modernize its library to meet the changing needs of contemporary users. In line with the global trend, the university recognizes the importance of incorporating various types of seating arrangements to cater to different studying preferences. This includes areas for individual studying, group collaboration, silent rooms, and relaxing lounge spaces.


While the traditional use of books in libraries has significantly diminished, we understand the symbolic value and educational significance they hold. Therefore, our design concept aims to integrate books as a prominent element in every space, honoring their role in education.


The original library, designed by architect Rafael Viñoly, required reorganization and repurposing to accommodate the increasing number of students and a collection of approximately 28,000 books. Our proposed design focuses on creating dynamic and interactive spaces by adopting a flexible and open layout.


By embracing the evolving nature of libraries and prioritizing user needs, our design seeks to transform the University of San Andres library into a modern hub of knowledge and collaboration.

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