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Project: Rhodium Terrazas Residences

Location: Escobar, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Size: 17,760 m2

Status: Project

Partners: Juan Ignacio Ramos & Ignacio Ramos

Located in the city of Puertos, Escobar, the Rhodium Terrazas building is built on a plot of land with excellent views of the central lake. The complex is divided into seven sections, adapting to the diagonals of the land and projecting towards the views. 


The building has a ground floor with generous entrance halls and a group of commercial premises to support residential growth, achieving a unique relationship with its surroundings and reinforcing the pedestrian living experience of the urbanization. It has a garden terrace accessible by elevator, where the swimming pool, a pergola with barbecues, and an elevated park with sitting areas are located with unique views.


The high-quality apartments that make up the complex are divided into 21 floor typologies ranging from 76 to 450 square meters in size. Most of them face the central lake. The materials chosen for the exterior finishes were concrete and WPC (Wood Plastic Composite). 


The Rhodium buildings are designed with the premises of respect for nature and its surroundings, and the well-being of its inhabitants in everyday life.

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