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Project: Caratti House

Location: Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Size: 343 m2

Status: Built

Partners: Juan Ignacio Ramos & Ignacio Ramos

This house is located in El Yacht, one of the several gated communities of Nordelta, a large-scale private development on the outskirts of the city of Buenos Aires. Surrounded by water on two sides, the corner lot provided a very special location. The clients, a couple with grown children, commissioned the house just for them. This was translated into a different and simple program developed in one level, with openness and flexibility.


There is a remarkable contrast between the front and rear elevations. Facing the street, the structure is predominantly blind to provide privacy. Towards the back, the house is completely open to the garden and the water views.


With extreme simplicity, the composition of the house was defined by a large slab supported by concrete walls. Exceeding the perimeter of the floor plan, the roof creates generous overhangs.


The house has two bedrooms: a master suite and a guest room that serves as an office. Due to the clients’ enjoyment of gourmet cooking, the kitchen and the wine cellar have a central placement in the floor plan. For the same reason, the barbecue area became another focal point of the building. This area can be enclosed with tempered glass bifold panels and connected to the living room through sliding doors.


The house has two courtyards: one, in the front, providing green, light and privacy to the entrance and the kitchen and the other, with the same purpose, for the bathrooms.


On the outside, the house was finished with exposed concrete and hardwood boards. On the inside, the walls were finished with plaster, exposed concrete and wood veneer. Concrete was used for the interior and exterior floors.


A large terrace with an infinity pool works as an outdoor expansion of the main living areas. As a sculptural element, a concrete spiral stair was strategically located on one end of the terrace to provide access to the planted roof, the deck and the hot tub. This level, with panoramic views, is the perfect place to entertain and relax.

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