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Project: Lombardi House

Location: Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Size: 429 m2

Status: Built

Partners: Juan Ignacio Ramos & Ignacio Ramos

This house is located in El Golf de Nordelta, a country club in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. The clients, a couple with grownup children, commissioned the project for their particular needs as empty nesters and to enjoy with their grandchildren. The lot sits in front of an arm of the central lake of the private development.


Considering, among other things, the sun exposure, the project includes two courtyards: one towards the front of the property and the other central to the floor plan. The first, with a reflecting pond, provides light and intimacy to the main entrance. The second is a source of natural light and green to all the spaces around it.


Delimited by the setbacks, the house was developed in two floors. The ground level accommodates the living spaces, the kitchen, the maid’s quarters and the garage. Using large pocket doors, an effort was made to spatially connect all the main rooms of this level. The second level contains the bedrooms and an art studio. Designed together with the staircase, an elevator was installed.


The structure was built with reinforced concrete. On the exterior, the house was finished with a white textured stucco. On the interior, the walls were finished with plaster and wood veneer, and the floors, with wood boards.


The L- shape volume of the second floor was recessed from the road. All the bedrooms face the garden and the lake while the hallways and the art studio overlook the central courtyard and the planted roofs.


The front facade is mostly blind to protect the house from the road views, in contrast to the completely open rear elevation with large glass openings. A long, covered terrace, as an outdoor extension of the living spaces, enjoys the best views of the transversal swimming pool, the garden and the lake.  

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