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Project: Torino House

Location: San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Size: 485 m2

Status: Built

Partners: Juan Ignacio Ramos & Ignacio Ramos

This house was built in a gated community located in La Horqueta, a suburban neighborhood in the north of Buenos Aires. The clients, a couple with three children, acquired two lots in the development to build their home. The contour of the layout was determined by the setbacks and the design utilized the entire buildable area.


The project was developed in two levels: the ground floor accommodates the living-dining room, the kitchen, the maid’s quarters, the playroom and the pool house. Completing the geometry of the floor plan, a reflecting pool with water lilies was placed in the front, next to the foyer. On the second floor we placed the bedrooms and a study.


Contrasting the front facade, the back elevation is completely open with glass surfaces. All the main rooms of the house were designed facing the best views of the garden and the east exposure. In an effort to unify and enlarge the garden, the swimming pool was placed on the side of the lot, connected to the pool house.


The morphology of the house was defined by two horizontal concrete planes that exceed the perimeter of the floor plan and create generous overhangs. The lower slab extends over the pool house and the carport with a planted roof. 


The composition of the elevations has an ironic and subtle intention. Logic suggests that a solid wall should support a lighter roof. The perception, in this case, is the opposite: the heavy concrete slabs are supported by wood and glass planes, giving a certain effect of floating. The concrete columns were coated with metal to make them visually part of the glass openings frames.


Reinforced concrete slabs, beams and columns are the main components of the structure. On the outside, the concrete is exposed and the floors were finished with concrete and travertine. On the inside, the walls were finished with plaster and concrete, and the floors, with oak wood boards.


Facing the garden, the entire ground floor expands to a large terrace. An extensive overhang supported by I-section steel columns gives the space shade and protection. This part of the house becomes essential in Buenos Aires, where the weather allows for outdoor entertainment most of the year.

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